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Company Gilardi specializes from 1970 in activities of design and tooling making and cold forming of sheet metal, blanking.


With a production plant and logistics of 20.000sqm placed in Italy, Gilardi offers a complete and customized service:

  • Design and manufacture of tools
  • Cold forming of sheet metal, blanking
  • Welding, spot-welding and assembly
  • Coating and packaging
  • Stock and scheduled deliveries


Experience, skill and versatility allows the Company to work integrating two Business lines:

1.Products on Customer’s drawing
Manufacture of tools and blanking of components on Customer’s drawing for Automotive Industry, Appliance, Electrical, Building and others sectors

2.Products branded Gilardi
Production of accessories for Hydrosanitary sector and Furniture fittings.

Quality, precision and control of Gilardi production, totally Made in Italy, are guarantee by certifications

IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015, TÜV.

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